Monday, July 04, 2011

Contrary to polls, Vancouver's not so nice

Contrary to polls, Vancouver's not so nice

Friday, February 11, 2011

Georgian luger's death in Vancouver still haunts his hometown

Georgian luger's death in Vancouver still haunts his hometown

Here is the question? Why are we reluctant to bring John Furlong to justice. Is it because we will do anything to not tarnish the after glow of the Olympics.

The man lied, he knew something and decided to bury it and was an accomplice to an avoidable death. In many courts that's an accessory.

If this kid's parents were wealthy and living in Vancouver they would have hired one of the top law firms in town and gotten some justice.

Did Furlong and Vanoc count on this going away because his grieving family was in another part of the world with limited financial resources.

The real shame is that Furlong shows up to the kid's funeral, expressing his sadness to the family, knowing full well that he had e-mailed his troops about the safety issues on the track.

That's like Bernie Madoff knowing full well he just took millions of her husbands money, planted it off shore, and then shows up to his funeral to offer his condolences to the wife.

That smacks of a sociopath and like so many corporate CEO's they see nothing wrong with their behavior. He was really hoping you'd buy his story that the kid was ill prepared.

Wow, how many more of these sociopaths have we got kicking around B.C. Politicians are notorious for this skullduggery. We attract them here like skiers to fresh powder; Gordo and Gregor are the latest. And then there are the federal politicians who happily take our money and tell us to TRUST them. Would you ever trust Bernie again with your money?

But then again we are a peaceful people, and we don't make a fuss. My parents taught me to not be loud, only Americans are loud. So, as I approach my twilight years, I see that the most Canadians ever get excited about is the talk of abolishing universal health care, and their hockey team losing the Stanley Cup.

When you actually believe your own lies, you are more dangerous than a petty criminal who at least admits he stole that purse. Let's stop being so polite as Canadians and start DEMANDING the truth.

We don't need to revolt in the streets quite yet like Egypt. But when you think of it, that's how it started 30 years ago for them. As long as we accept everything that people in power tell us, we become robotic in our allegiance.

It's a slow burn. Try thinking with your own head for a while and see how clear minded you get. Start asking questions. Don't be afraid. The government should be afraid of us , not us afraid of the government. We have it all wrong.

Every time a politician, a boss, a CEO, a manager, your wife, your husband, your children, your friends, your business partner etc. tells you something, all you need to ask them is one question, and don't be afraid of the answer. "So what part of what you just told me was a lie?"

Here's what somebody told me once, or maybe I heard it in a movie:

"Don't trust anyone who lies to you and don't lie to anyone who trusts you"

Thursday, January 13, 2011

PWRN in 2011

I'm excited to be working with Mercury Communications in developing our new website. Should be ready in 3 weeks.