Saturday, February 28, 2009

As the economic crisis deepens, climate change approaches critical levels and global tensions increase, the need to break the monopoly on television daily news has never been greater. We must know why the crisis is happening and what we can do to defend ourselves. Corporate TV news won’t ask the real questions, let alone provide answers.

The scale of the problems facing us demands original and profound solutions. If ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, get ready for an era of unprecedented imagination and innovation. But there will be no progress without a fight against forces wedded to the status quo. We are entering a period of action, where people take solutions into their own hands and create a bold vision for new ways of living and doing business.

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Your Moment of Zen 2/28.3/1

"Fear comes from this selfish idea of cutting one's self off from the universe".- Swami Vivekananda

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your Moment of Zen 2/27/09

"Recompense injury with justice, and recompense kindness with kindness"- Confucius
Your Moment of Zen for Thursday Feb.26/09

"To free oneself of knowledge is to die, and thus one lives"- Krishnamurti

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your Moment of Zen for Wednesday Feb 25/09

"The main purpose of life is to live rightly, think rightly, act rightly".- Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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"Surviving, Thriving, and Sustaining"!

If a lot of the things we depend upon break down, can you survive? One of our guests this week, who practices under the single name Shahee, says yes!

Shahee is a raw food chef - and he notes that a raw, local diet is a good substitute for pharmaceuticals. His latest project is the building of a bus to be his mobile home and clinic, running fully on ecologically sound systems and with very simple technology cobbled together out of parts available from any junk pile..

Find out how to thrive if the trucks stop showing up with fuel for the pumps, groceries for the store, and if the power goes out and stays out.

Our other guest Susan Davis, is passionate about and committed to Sustainable Design & Green Building. She is co owner of Spectrum Fine Homes, Inc and GreenPoint Coach.

Susan takes a unique holistic approach to planning and building; addressing the spirit of the occupants, the building itself, and the health of the environment. Join in at
Your Moment of Zen for Tuesday Feb. 24/09

"Whoever gives reverence receives reverence: whoever brings sugar eats almond cake"- Djalal ad-Din Rumi

Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Moment of Zen!

Dear fellow Zenners,

Each day I hope you will pause for a moment, take a breath, and just absorb these zenful thoughts, it will truly be your Moment of Zen !

Monday Feb. 23

"There is only the one reality, neither to be realized or attained. To say, "I am able to realize something" or "I am able to attain something" is to place yourself among the arrogant"- Huang Po
You have only three things to do.

1. Do no evil; try to find out what causes harm to yourself and others and try to refrain from doing them in body, speech and mind as much as possible.

2. Do good; try to find out what causes good and what helps yourself and others and try to do those things as much as possible.

3.Tame your mind; try to learn how to work on your negative emotions and habitual patterns and try to tame them. This is where the view and meditation comes in. All these are ways to become a better human being.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quote of the Day from The Zenman:

Friday Feb. 20 "Of all the strategies, to know when to quit may be the best".

Saturday/Sunday Feb 21/22 "Where beauty is, then there is ugliness: where right is, also there is wrong. Knowledge and ignorance are interdependent, delusion and enlightenment condition each other. Since olden times it has been so. How could it be otherwise now"- Ryokan

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Proliferation of Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes
World expert looks at why they are exploding during these uncertain times

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) February 17, 2009 -- Voice America, the world's premiere web radio network, announces the appearance of international fraud expert Robert L. Fitzpatrick, exclusively on the highly acclaimed ZenBiz Radio Show on Wednesday Feb. 18th at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time at

Robert L. FitzPatrick is an expert in examining fraud in North America.. He is an internationally recognized authority in multi-level marketing schemes and pyramid fraud, and is a leader in the campaign for stronger regulation of investment and business opportunity schemes.

Fitzpatrick is also co-author of False Profits, the first book to critically examine the multilevel marketing industry.

He recently appeared on "Marketplace" on the CBC television network in Canada exposing the shocking picture of the Canadian authorities allowing an obvious scam artist to ply his trade all over the country.

Ponzis and Pyramids do indeed represent a dark side to our culture and economy and exposing or examining their realities represents a place of light and courage but can also be quite disturbing.

Fitzpatrick will touch on the deeper questions as to why the schemes are proliferating, why they are tolerated and protected by government and why would otherwise seemingly honest people fall for them so readily - and defend them so vehemently.

Don't miss this exclusive inside look at Ponzis and Pyramids only on ZenBiz Radio at http//

ZenBiz Radio airs live on Wednesdays at 11 AM Pacific / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern on the VoiceAmerica Business Network, with a replay the folowing Saturday on VoiceAmerica's Variety Network. To access the show, log on at All shows will be available in Allan Holender's Content Library on the VoiceAmerica Business Network for on-demand and podcast download.

The VoiceAmericaTM Network offers the latest conversations in a talk radio format, providing education, interaction, and advice on key issues live, on demand as well as through pod cast download. If interested in hosting a talk radio show on VoiceAmerica Network, contact Jeff Spenard, President of Internet Radio at 480-294-6417 or at jeff.spenard @

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Friday, February 13, 2009



Langara College in Vancouver is offering a new course on the "Essence of Zentrepreneurship" in Spring 2009.

Explore enlightened approaches to business planning, leadership, management, professional relationships and social entrepreneurism.

Discover how Western enterprises and business people can implement insights from Eastern philosophies into their search for more meaningful work and find ethical paths to lasting prosperity.

Instructor Allan Holender is the author of the recently published book Zentrepreneurism-A 21st Century Guide to The New World of Business.

Allan gained his knowledge through first hand experience as a business owner, "serial entrepreneur", CEO, Manager, leadership expert, teacher and writer. He is also a popular media personality and commentator in Canada and the United States, having hosted a nationally syndicated business radio show on the Talk America Network.

Note: Course includes the textbook.

$359 1.8 CEU's/ILUs

3 days- Sats Feb 21, 28, Mar. 7, 2009- 1000-1600 (CRN50590)

Call to register 604.323.5322

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How Close Might Our Society Be To Collapse"?


"Embodied Intelligence in the Face of Chaos and Uncertainty"

It sometimes seems that no matter where you look, the world appears to be falling to pieces. Financial markets have plummeted. People are losing their jobs. The environment is wracked by immense shifts. Yet some people know, in their bones, that despite the turmoil and disarray, opportunities abound for them.

How do you find your silver lining in all this mess? Join Allan and Bruce as they interview Dr. Susan Bernstein, an expert in optimizing "embodied intelligence" in the face of chaos and uncertainty. She'll discuss the four forces of panic and how to avoid t hem.

Bruce turns "The Stewart Report" this week over to a topic that most people would really rather not think about: how close might our society be to collapse? Bruce will explore when the tipping point of collapse could be reached - and how listeners can take a good hard look at their own communities and determine whether they'd be a safe place to be in a collapsing society!

Check it out on ZenBiz Radio Today at 11:00 a.m. pst. on Voice America Business:


Tuesday, February 03, 2009



Finding the Sweet Spot

This week, Allan Holender and Bruce Stewart will be interviewing Dave Pollard, the author of Finding the Sweet Spot: The Natural Entrepreneur's Guide to Responsible, Sustainable, Joyful Work. Dave Pollard has been an advisor to entrepreneurs for most of his professional career. His approach is highly zentrepreneurial: it is as much about removing the stress from your life as it is about making a viable living. Allan will also be sharing his thoughts on the killer epidemic in American culture- "The Relentless Pursuit of Success". And catch the new weekly feature ZenBiz Buzz with Allan and Bru ce. This will truly be your moment of Zen.