Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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"Surviving, Thriving, and Sustaining"!

If a lot of the things we depend upon break down, can you survive? One of our guests this week, who practices under the single name Shahee, says yes!

Shahee is a raw food chef - and he notes that a raw, local diet is a good substitute for pharmaceuticals. His latest project is the building of a bus to be his mobile home and clinic, running fully on ecologically sound systems and with very simple technology cobbled together out of parts available from any junk pile..

Find out how to thrive if the trucks stop showing up with fuel for the pumps, groceries for the store, and if the power goes out and stays out.

Our other guest Susan Davis, is passionate about and committed to Sustainable Design & Green Building. She is co owner of Spectrum Fine Homes, Inc and GreenPoint Coach.

Susan takes a unique holistic approach to planning and building; addressing the spirit of the occupants, the building itself, and the health of the environment. Join in at www.voiceamerica.com

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