Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Press Release

Voice America launches a

“New Kind of TalkRadio For Good”

ZenBiz Radio with Allan Holender

Phoenix, Arizona -December 18, 2008 The Voice America Talk Network www.voiceamerica.com announced today that it will be launching a “New Kind of Talk Radio For Good” The ZenBiz Radio Show will be hosted by veteran broadcaster Allan Holender . Allan is the founder and author of the revolutionary and inspiring new book, Zentrepreneurism.

ZenBiz Radio -”Changing the World of Business For Good” will begin broadcasting from the Voice America studios in Phoenix on Jan. 21, 2009.. This coincides with the inauguration of President-elect Obama who has committed to putting an end to the culture of greed and scheming in America.

Just as Obama has inspired millions with his message of hope and change we can believe in, ZenBiz Radio is committed to changing the world of business for good. From Enron to the board rooms of AIG and the penthouse suite of Bernard Madoff, America has seen the karmic repercussions of years of corrupt capitalism on Wall Street and nepotism in the White House.

Zentrepreneurism is about changing the way the world does business, as well as introducing a “new era” of business enlightenment. It offers hope of a new 21st century model for solving social and economic problems. A new world founded on the principles of honesty, ethics, purpose and the creation of profits with integrity.

Each week ZenBiz Radio will explore this burgeoning market of social entrepreneurship with the intention to inform, educate, entertain and inspire listeners.

Many of the guests for this “new kind of talk radio show” will be Zentrepreneurs featured in Allan’s book. ”Zentrepreneurism” which is available at www.thebooktree.com or www.amazon.com

His first guest will be Dave Stewart of the legendary group the Eurythmics. As CEO of Weapons of Mass Entertainment Dave Stewart has been a ”Zentrepreneur” for some time now and has worked with socially conscious organizations such as GreenPeace, TED and Pangea Day.

Other scheduled guests include Arran Stephens , founder and CEO of Natures Path Organic Foods, the world’s largest supplier of organic cereal. Joel Bakan , writer and screenwriter for the highly acclaimed movie “The Corporation”, as well as Zentrepreneurs from around the world who are creating a business as well as a life!

Weekly features include ;

“The Scheme Alert” with Robert Fitzpatrick ,author and advisor to world governments on ponzi and pyramid schemes. Exclusive to ZenBiz Radio,each week Robert will reveal the latest scheme and how you can avoid them!

“The GameChangers” with Mike Bonifer . Nurturing the skills you and your organization need to compete in the Networked World. Mike will also be telling the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

The Stewart Report .Noted futurist and author Bruce Stewart will be speaking his truth about current economic realities and solutions. How we got here and where we go from here!

Zentrepreneur of the Week. We are entering an era of “enlightened capitalism, where the reason to be in business is no longer just the bottom line. This era is also birthing “social capitalists” who are fusing their personal vision with their professional mission. Where people, planet, and profits share equal importance. Who are these people? Allan will interview them each week during this segment.

“Those things to which we devote ourselves have a karmic effect on future lives which arise “like one fire lit from another”.

The staggering demand for ageless and empowering content is being fueled by people becoming more consciously awake around the globe. VoiceAmerica is bridging the gap between the highly sought after demand and the limited supply of quality content by introducing innovative and multiple new forms of content distribution including pod casting, internet radio, I-Tunes and cell phone technology. This convergence of supply and demand is creating a dynamic opportunity.

VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network


Allan Holender and The ZenBiz Radio Show

Would You Like To Be A Part Of “ZenBiz Radio”?

The number of internet radio listeners jumped considerably last year with a year-end total of 72 million monthly listeners, up from 45 million listeners at the tail end of 2005, according to figures released by Bridge Ratings & Research. That number is forecast to be 148 million by 2010.

If you’d like your business to reach the eyes and ears of this growing demographic, a limited number of founding sponsor partnership opportunities are available for ZenBiz Radio.


Dave Kredell,

Executive Producer

ZenBiz Radio

Direct Line: 480-294-6409

Yes We Zen!!

Dear Fellow Zentrepreneurs,

Faced with global issues such as poverty, genocide, climate change, financial collapse, greed, and corruption, it's easy to feel powerless. We want to do good and change the world, but too often feel paralyzed by the fear that individuals can't make significant impact. ZenBiz Radio with Allan Holender is a new kind of talk radio for good! ZenBiz Radio is a media project about making a difference : Inspiring interviews with zentrepreneurs who are creating a new world of business for good! Stories About Creating A Business As Well As A Life! Zentrepreneurism is a wake-up call--a call to action, to change, to re-invent and to harness each and every person's unique ability to help build a better world for business.

ZenBiz Radio is an engaging, informative, and empowering radio show with interviews and conversations with zentrepreneurs from around the globe, some well-known and others less so, who have been inspired to do their part to effect meaningful social change. These notable advocates, activists, and social entrepreneurs share the causes they are passionate about and give advice on what each of us can do to positively impact our employees, communities, and those of others around the world.

From music icon Dave Stewart, who has aligned his corporate mission with notable causes such GreenPeace, TED, and Pangea Day to Arran Stephens, the founder of Natures Path Foods, the world's largest producer of organic cereal, who sees money as "green energy"-"From a more enlightened centre within, we can use money for great good, or if selfish and greedy, we can use it to harm and congeal". These personal journeys illustrate the power of the individual to motivate change.

We are now accepting proposals for a limited number of founding partners anywhere in the world for our new media convergence project, ZenBiz Radio.

If you would like to submit a proposal please contact Dave Kredell our Executive Producer. dave.kredell@modavox.com .It would be very exciting to have you join us on the next phase of the journey. Since the birth of Zentrepreneurism three years ago we have taken our message around the world to over 21 different countries and with 810 members enrolled in the World Wide Association of Zentrepreneurs, it is now time to spread the word around the globe through a virtual medium.

I have valued your support and commitment to the principles of Zentrepreneurism. We are truly now a global movement that is changing the way the world does business for good. As a fellow zentrepreneur and business leader who personifies the triple bottom line, I now invite you to participate in a cause you already believe in.

A great opportunity awaits for us to engage together globally in a mutually beneficial, purposeful, and profitable project. We are scheduled to launch January 21, 2009. We will accept proposals till January 15th.

I look forward to you joining me !!

Yes We Zen!!


Monday, December 29, 2008



Based on his research for the revolutionary book "Zentrepreneurism"- A 21st Century Guide To the New World of Business and after interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, author Allan Holender has defined the nine key distinctions of Enlightened Zentrepreneurs. Here are his suggestions on what you need to know to survive life and business in 2009 during chaotic financial and stressful times.

1. Force vs. Power

When you are forcing something, you are pushing and shoving to get things to work out the way you want. There is a great deal of effort involved, and usually struggle. Power, on the other hand, implies a strength that goes beyond what you might be able to exert. You experience power when you align your inner energies, beliefs, and emotions with your outer actions. This will propel you forward towards your goals with much less effort and fewer toes being stepped on. So people talk about this as "flow!”

2. Accomplish vs. Attain

Accomplishment has a sense of finality, an end point, and refers more to a task. Accomplishments often feel meaningless once you've accomplished them. Have you ever worked hard in order to get something, and then once you had it, it didn't seem so important or meaningful anymore? There was a bit of a letdown.

Attainment, on the other hand, has no end. It is based in a spiritual or inspired knowing that what you are doing is meaningful at a level that goes far beyond just you or your company. Enlightened Zentrepreneurs indicate that when they made the shift to attainment, it expanded their capacity to create the life they wanted.

3. Gaining information vs. Using

While it might seem obvious that to simply gain information is not sufficient for producing incredible, enlightened success, there are a lot of business people out there reading and acquiring information without really putting it into practice. Until you use what you learn, you haven't really learned it. You've just expanded your storehouse of information.

4. Segmented vs. Enlightened Zentrepreneurs

Enlightened Zentrepreneurs say that before they became incredibly successful, they thought of their lives in compartmentalized segments. Even within their businesses they had a segmented approach to their services, products, and even their efforts.

The shift for them came when they created a synergy by integrating their work and their lives. When you have an integrated approach, activity in one area directly benefits goals in another area. This is part of how you can move three paces ahead with only one step.

5. Working Hard vs. Working Joyfully

Working hard brings with it all the “must do’s” and “to do’s,” plus all the heaviness that those lists entail. Working joyfully, on the other hand, brings with it ease, fun, inspiration, and a light, powerful sense. When you work joyfully, you are working in tandem with spirit, in tandem with your true desires, whereas when you work hard you are usually pushing against something (See Force vs. Power).

Enlightened Zentrepreneurs often learned this the hard way. They spent years working hard, only to see their goals slipping away – along with their health and their energy. Often they “hit bottom” before they decided to try it a different way. When they did make the shift to working joyfully, they found themselves thinking, “Is it really this easy?” or “Wow, this is great! I can have fun, make money, and make a difference!”

6. Structure vs. Environments

Structure is a good thing. You need some structure in order to get things done – even if your structure looks vastly different from someone else’s. Structure is focused on tasks and specific outcomes.

Environments, on the other hand, go beyond structure to setting up entire systems of support that enable you to continue making progress without even “working” at it.

The distinction is that an environment works for you, while a structure requires you to do the work. An environment makes the structure YOURS. Enlightened Zentrepreneurs say this is one of the most important distinctions. When they could transform their structures – or lack of structure – into environmental supports, they were able to consistently move ahead with far less effort.

7. Behaviour Change vs. Shift

A behaviour change is just what it sounds like. You either stop doing or start doing something. It can be simple, and may or may not be lasting. A shift, on the other hand, is powerful. It usually comes as the result of an experience of some sort (perhaps from the behaviour change), and results in a deep, cellular change in how you approach things. It is often accompanied by an identify shift as well.

Think of those “a-ha!” moments and epiphanies you have had – the times when you all of a sudden “got it.” That is a shift. You can try to go back to the old way of doing things, but there is a part of you that always knows you’re not participating at your full potential.

For example, once you realize that what you think about and focus on affects your results, you cannot pretend it isn’t so. You might temporarily think less than helpful thoughts, but your internal set point has changed and you will be inspired to go back to what you know to be the truth. In order to get to this shift point; however, you might have to practice it as behaviour change until you get the evidence of how it works.

8. Pessimism vs. Optimism

This distinction seems obvious. What’s not always so obvious to people is WHEN they are being pessimistic. People who are struggling with their businesses often describe themselves as being “realistic,” seeing what’s really going on. The truth is they are only looking at a portion of what’s going on, and chances are they are making that worse than it really is.

Optimism is not just a state of mind or an approach. It is a commitment to looking for what’s working, looking for the good in a situation, and building on that. It is based on spiritual and scientific principles that when we focus on what’s working and looking with vision and passion toward what we want, that we are actually more resourceful and creative.

Enlightened Zentrepreneurs have MASTERED this distinction!

9. Focusing on the Gap vs. Honoring Where You Are

While wanting more is not a bad thing, when most people talk about what they want, what they are really doing is focusing on the gap between what they want and what they have. By doing this, they actually activate the “not having” more than the “having,” so it sets up a bit of a catch-22.

Honoring where you are is being fully present, loving each moment, knowing that each moment is already full and perfect, regardless of whether you have accomplished or attained. It is tapping in to the power of NOW.

Honoring where you are doesn’t discount that you might have dreams and desires, but in really honoring, you activate trust, celebration, and good feelings that allow in more of what you want.

As you’ve noticed, these key distinctions of Enlightened Zentrepreneurs are grounded in inner and outer attitudes, beliefs, and actions. They require a spiritual shift as well as an external, or action, shift.

By applying these key distinctions you will have begun the journey towards becoming a zentrepreneur. While an entrepreneur creates a business, a zentrepreneur creates a business and a life.

By Allan Holender, Author of “Zentrepreneurism”- A 21st Century Guide to the New World of Business. Allan is also Founder & CEO of The Centre for Zentrepreneurism, dedicated to instilling passion, purpose and profits with integrity in North American business. Their website is www.zentrepreneurism.com

This article is the property of Allan M. Holender. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole without the express written consent of Allan Holender allan@zentrepreneurism.com

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Hi Everyone,

If you missed the great "fireside chat"conference call on Tuesday night here is the playback number and access code. My thanks in particular to Lawrence Didsbury from Texas, Mike Bonifer from Los Angeles and Joel Denis from Montreal for enriching the call with their valued input.

Be sure to get your pen and paper ready before you call so that you can make notes:

PLAYBACK NUMBER 1.218.339.4399 Access Code 446420#

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Join us TONIGHT for our very free "very zenful" fireside chat.

"The Opportunity to do the Right Things During Perilous Economic Times".

A time to share and support one another during these uncertain times. Join us in the comfort of your own home by phone. No traffic, no parking, no hassels. Just pick up the phone and call.


Call 1.218.339-4300 then enter access code- 446420#

Following are a few tips to ensure you will successfully access the call.

When you enter the passcode, press the keys firmly. Avoid talking, moving around, or background noise when pressing the keys. The tones from the keys must be conveyed clearly to the system. Other noises can interfere. If you can't get in the first time, make sure you are in a quiet place, call back and enter the passcode again.

Please call at the exact time scheduled. Calling early may interrupt another group's call.

This dial-in number is a special number. Call only during your scheduled time, as it may be in use by other parties at other times.


Sunday, December 14, 2008



TIME: 6:30 P.M PST, 7:30 P.M. EST, 9:30 P.M. EST


There are three days left to register for our free "very zenful" fireside chat. A time to share and support one another during these uncertain times. Join us in the comfort of your own home by phone. No traffic, no parking, no hassels. Just pick up the phone and call. When you register you will be given the dial-in number and access code.

Happy Ho Ho In Zen,


Friday, December 12, 2008

Four days to go!

The three things that will help us get through these challenging times:Relationships,Collaboration,and Trust.

Trust is the key lever that drives our personal and business relationships.

It has always been our intent to build the Zentrepreneurism movement around those three guiding principles.

I hope you can make this very zenful fireside chat and join others who believe, like you, in these fundamental principles.

In Zen,


Sign Up at: http://ping.fm/ysDob

"I Never Slept With That Woman"!

Perhaps it all started with that famous quote , but lately it seems as though everybody is using that line. The definition of a "sociopath" is basically someone with no care for human life. Symptoms include : Lack of concern regarding society's rules and expectations. Repeated violations of the rights of others. Unlawful behavior. Lack of regard for the truth.

A sociopath, also known as a psychopath, is someone who has no conscience. He or she shows a reckless disregard for the rights and feelings of others, and tends to live a parasitic lifestyle. The classic work on psychopaths is "The Mask of Sanity," by Hervey Cleckley.Dr. Robert Hare, a recognized authority on psychopaths (and a fellow Canadian) has written a book for the lay person called "Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us," as well as a book on psychopaths in the workplace, "Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work." "Without Conscience" is an excellent introduction to the topic that give some warning signs.

I quoted Dr. Hare in my book when I examined the personality traits of some of the most well known CEO's of North America. Well, it looks like they are indeed still walking amongst us. And it also appears that America is very forgiving of it's liars and crooks, and thus we are in the mess we are in.

The CEO's of bailed out AIG think nothing of taking between $92,000 and 4 million dollars in performance bonuses after they were told to use the bail out money to help people who were losing their homes through foreclosures. It started with Enron, World Com, Wall Street, the CEO's of the Big Three Car giants flying in on their corporate jets, and now it's spilled into politics. How much more is America willing to take. I guess they are counting the days to Obama, but now it's even spilling into his yard.

The Governor of Illinois this week, with a name nobody can pronounce says he did nothing, even though they have tape recordings to prove he was trying to sell Obama's seat. Jessie Jackson Jnr. says he knows nothing, even though the FBI says he is "candidate #5". Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel refused to take questions. Even though in one wiretap, the Governor refers to a transition team adviser with whom they were talking. If you have nothing to hide, just tell the truth.

Just telling the truth seems to be not an option. Yes, it started in the White House with those famous lines "I did not sleep with that woman" , but it really started in a moment of history we will never forget- the Nuremberg trials when Adolf Eichman was asked if he was responsible for the death of 6 milllion Jews, said "Nicht Shuldik"- NOT GUILTY!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Apologies we did not list the proper link to register for our fireside chat. To sign up go to:

Because of the success of our economic meltdown tele-summit, we are hosting a special pre-christmas very zenful fireside chat on "The Opportunity to do the Right Thing in Perilous Economic Times".. We hope you will join us on Tuesday December 16th for an evening of sharing and support. It's free! So take a break from the stress, the corrupt politicians from Illinois, the bail out bandits from AIG, the snow, the rain, and stop the mad urge to buy more "stuff"! Instead, build a fire, put on your slippers, get a cup of hot chocolate, and join us by phone. Mark your calendar for 6:30 p.m. pst, 7:30 p.m. cst, 9:30 p.m. est.

Sign up at : http://firesidechat.eventbrite.com

P.S. The way the world is going we could all use a little zen in our hot buttered rum these days!

Happy Ho Ho!

Zenner Clause