Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Join us TONIGHT for our very free "very zenful" fireside chat.

"The Opportunity to do the Right Things During Perilous Economic Times".

A time to share and support one another during these uncertain times. Join us in the comfort of your own home by phone. No traffic, no parking, no hassels. Just pick up the phone and call.


Call 1.218.339-4300 then enter access code- 446420#

Following are a few tips to ensure you will successfully access the call.

When you enter the passcode, press the keys firmly. Avoid talking, moving around, or background noise when pressing the keys. The tones from the keys must be conveyed clearly to the system. Other noises can interfere. If you can't get in the first time, make sure you are in a quiet place, call back and enter the passcode again.

Please call at the exact time scheduled. Calling early may interrupt another group's call.

This dial-in number is a special number. Call only during your scheduled time, as it may be in use by other parties at other times.


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