Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Press Release

Voice America launches a

“New Kind of TalkRadio For Good”

ZenBiz Radio with Allan Holender

Phoenix, Arizona -December 18, 2008 The Voice America Talk Network www.voiceamerica.com announced today that it will be launching a “New Kind of Talk Radio For Good” The ZenBiz Radio Show will be hosted by veteran broadcaster Allan Holender . Allan is the founder and author of the revolutionary and inspiring new book, Zentrepreneurism.

ZenBiz Radio -”Changing the World of Business For Good” will begin broadcasting from the Voice America studios in Phoenix on Jan. 21, 2009.. This coincides with the inauguration of President-elect Obama who has committed to putting an end to the culture of greed and scheming in America.

Just as Obama has inspired millions with his message of hope and change we can believe in, ZenBiz Radio is committed to changing the world of business for good. From Enron to the board rooms of AIG and the penthouse suite of Bernard Madoff, America has seen the karmic repercussions of years of corrupt capitalism on Wall Street and nepotism in the White House.

Zentrepreneurism is about changing the way the world does business, as well as introducing a “new era” of business enlightenment. It offers hope of a new 21st century model for solving social and economic problems. A new world founded on the principles of honesty, ethics, purpose and the creation of profits with integrity.

Each week ZenBiz Radio will explore this burgeoning market of social entrepreneurship with the intention to inform, educate, entertain and inspire listeners.

Many of the guests for this “new kind of talk radio show” will be Zentrepreneurs featured in Allan’s book. ”Zentrepreneurism” which is available at www.thebooktree.com or www.amazon.com

His first guest will be Dave Stewart of the legendary group the Eurythmics. As CEO of Weapons of Mass Entertainment Dave Stewart has been a ”Zentrepreneur” for some time now and has worked with socially conscious organizations such as GreenPeace, TED and Pangea Day.

Other scheduled guests include Arran Stephens , founder and CEO of Natures Path Organic Foods, the world’s largest supplier of organic cereal. Joel Bakan , writer and screenwriter for the highly acclaimed movie “The Corporation”, as well as Zentrepreneurs from around the world who are creating a business as well as a life!

Weekly features include ;

“The Scheme Alert” with Robert Fitzpatrick ,author and advisor to world governments on ponzi and pyramid schemes. Exclusive to ZenBiz Radio,each week Robert will reveal the latest scheme and how you can avoid them!

“The GameChangers” with Mike Bonifer . Nurturing the skills you and your organization need to compete in the Networked World. Mike will also be telling the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

The Stewart Report .Noted futurist and author Bruce Stewart will be speaking his truth about current economic realities and solutions. How we got here and where we go from here!

Zentrepreneur of the Week. We are entering an era of “enlightened capitalism, where the reason to be in business is no longer just the bottom line. This era is also birthing “social capitalists” who are fusing their personal vision with their professional mission. Where people, planet, and profits share equal importance. Who are these people? Allan will interview them each week during this segment.

“Those things to which we devote ourselves have a karmic effect on future lives which arise “like one fire lit from another”.

The staggering demand for ageless and empowering content is being fueled by people becoming more consciously awake around the globe. VoiceAmerica is bridging the gap between the highly sought after demand and the limited supply of quality content by introducing innovative and multiple new forms of content distribution including pod casting, internet radio, I-Tunes and cell phone technology. This convergence of supply and demand is creating a dynamic opportunity.

VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network


Allan Holender and The ZenBiz Radio Show

Would You Like To Be A Part Of “ZenBiz Radio”?

The number of internet radio listeners jumped considerably last year with a year-end total of 72 million monthly listeners, up from 45 million listeners at the tail end of 2005, according to figures released by Bridge Ratings & Research. That number is forecast to be 148 million by 2010.

If you’d like your business to reach the eyes and ears of this growing demographic, a limited number of founding sponsor partnership opportunities are available for ZenBiz Radio.


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Executive Producer

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