Friday, May 20, 2005


When we look at the Eight Fold Path in the teachings of Buddha, we can identify ways in which we conduct our life and our business and quickly determine if we are in right action. Morality invloves speech, action and the way we gain our livelihood. Right Speech concerns the truth, holding the words of truth in mind, and speaking from the truth in a way that is true. This doesn't mean that these words remain as a set of ideas which we as individuals have identified with and tried to claim. These are the words of truth discovered in experience and spoken in a way that causes no harm.

Words are all important. Our experience of the world is forged out of the ideas that we carry with us. If we avoid not only lying to others but also lying to ourselves, everything will not only be freed from the distortions we have imposed but will become purified and therefore more translucent and luminous.

Right Action is a direct result of refined ideas. If our words are of the nature of greed, hatred and delusion then must our action be likewise. How different are actions that arise out of their opposites: generosity, compassion and understanding.

Right Action in business is no different than Right Action in life...they are all intertwinded. In my zeal to accomplish those goals in my life that I saw as essential to my success, I would "push the envelope" so to speak. It's called skillful manipulation. How many of you have done the same, by telling people what they want to hear as opposed to what you really believe is the truth. Politics and Sales sometimes are kindred partners in crime.

The Dot-Com bust was a direct result of so many untruths being told that eventually the people being lied to woke up and said....okay no more money unless you can prove to us that you have a history of truth, integrity and honesty. As a result, those companies that have been grown "organically" with a proven track record, survived and the venture capitalists stopped funding the " get rich quick "....ego based (It's all about me and my accumulation of as much wealth as possible in the shortest period of time) start up's with no "soul" and certainly without a code of ethics.

This was Wall Streets "Armagedden" ...a perfect example of how the absence of Right Action is viewed by the Universe ....with a karmic display of disgust, dire personal and financial consequences, and massive retribution. All that was missing was the locusts.

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