Tuesday, June 07, 2005


When looking at the Eightfold Path it becomes evident that the eight may be divided into three distinct areas of life, areas that were of particular concern to the Buddha.

These are wisdom, morality, and meditation. In his book, "Sayings of the Buddha", author William Wray tells us that "Wisdom involves Right View or coming to a proper understanding of the truth of the Buddha's teaching. All of us have had an insight, a flash of understanding, when our view suddenly changes. With that flash arises the realization that life as we know it has it's limitations.

In moments of greater awareness the sense of separation normally experienced gives way to a deep appreciation for the underlying unity, a unity from which we are in no way separate. From this experience there may arise a resolution to come to a more deeper and more lasting understanding of the true nature of things."

This is Right Resolve, and as part of this resolution put into practise in our business and our personal lives there may arise the steady determination to meet and counter those deep ingrained habits of heart and mind that force us into a state of separation and suffering.

Involving both heart and mind, the decision to be made is both emotional and intellectual. This is the second aspect of wisdom. In my interviews with "Enlightened Leaders"... I have observed a quality of great wisdom that comes from a place of deep compassion and understanding of the human spirit.

Buddha says:

"Through perseverance, vigilance and self-restraint, a wise person creates a safe harbour for herself that no storm can overwhelm"


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