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For those loyal readers, I have been AWOL for a good reason this past week, as I have been putting the finishing touches on a presentation package for a potential publisher of my book. This is the first go around for me, not as a writer, but certainly in having something pubished. We are in the final stages of preparing for a meeting with a literary agent. My thanks to my good friend and colleague Bruce Stewart, who co-hosted a radio show with me, and has offered to edit my offerings. He has also kindly agreed to write the forward to the book.

The past week's events in New Orleans have allowed me to ponder and meditate on the current state of American society. As a free thinking writer one can expand on any subject you might have a passion for. Through the eyes of "Buddha in the Board Room", I am beginning to look at the bigger picture through a wide angle lense and the picture isn't very pretty. If one believes in karma and that is certainly the case for buddhist followers, then one has to beieve that America is paying for past life disgressions.

The disaster in New Orleans is being viewed as an Apocolypse or Armagedden. If one was to theorize that this indeed is America's Armageddon, then what does that say about it's leaders. Have they been coming from a place of trust, genuine intention, promoting peace and harmony, respecting the environment. Instead we have had the opposite, particulary with the Bush administation.

Let's do a report card on the Bush administration, and the US Government and see where they stand . It's always leadership by example, and if that's the case then the leaders of some American companies are also prone to acting in the same way as the leaders of the country. Here's the scorecard (1-10)and let's see how they stack up based on each of the eight fold paths of Buddha, and for the purpose of this blog entry I'll just stimulate your thinking by referring to a few of the noble paths below. I invite you to respond with your thoughts on the others:

Right Understanding
Right Thoughts
Right Speech
Right Action
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration

MORALITY involves speech, action and the way we gain our livelihood. Right Speech concerns the truth, holding the words of truth in mind, and speaking from that truth in a way that is true. These are the fundamental words of truth discovered in experience and spoken in a way that causes no harm. Words are all important. Our experience of the world is forged out of the ideas that we carry with us. If we avoid not only lying to others but also lying to ourselves, everything will not only be freed from the distortions we have imposed but will become purified and therefore more translucent and luminus. Buddha- 10 Bush/Cheny/Rumsfeld/Rice etc.-0

RIGHT ACTION is a direct result of refined ideas. If our words are of the nature of greed, hatred and delusion then must our action be likewise. How different are actions are that arise out of their opposites: generosity, compassion, and understanding. Buddha -10 Bush etc- 0

RIGHT LIVELIHOOD encourages us to seek a way of sustaining ourselves which minimizes the impact we have on others and the world in general. It encourages us to think differently, to appreciate the interconnectdness of all things and to tread lightly with due care and compassion, Buddha- 10 Bush etc- 0


Bush often reminds me of a student at school who says he understands the question, but doesn't know the answer. Dose the United States in general truly understand the world around them, the answer quite simply is no. I have studied and lived in the US for the better part of 7 years, and have some wonderful friends there. I gratefully acknowledge the University of Montana for giving me an education. I can tell you that the major focus of the American people from childhood to adulthood is on what's happening within the US first and the world second.

From early childhood, the schools embark on a program of indocrination, that is very similar to what they accused Communist Russia of for so many years. They basically teach American history and government first and the world second. Very little if anything is even taught about their closest neighbour Canada. As a result this Imperialist and patriotic fervour is to convince Americans that they live in the only country in the world that is truly democratic and free.

The Bush administration has built wire fences around the cities and through the threat of terrorism, has convinced everyone that the only people they can trust are themselves. Given that white right wing fundametalists have re-elected Bush, one wonders if they are quickly ripping through the pages of the bible to find the section on Armagedden to prove their theory that those who are non-believers are to blame for what's happening in New Orleans. It is however an interesting paradox, that 80% of the survivors of the disaster in New Orleans are black christians or baptists who believe in the Lord.


Right thoughts result in right action. Is the Bush administration, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice pure of thought. I think not. Have they manipulated, coerced and bullyed the UN and decieved the American people about the legitimacy of the war in Iraq? The answer is YES! The great American tragedy is that THEY believe in some sociopathic way that their thoughts and actions are honourable.

Witness 25,ooo homeless Blacks below the poverty line suffering the worst of human indignities, and George's first response is to call Daddy and Bill Clinton to raise money. Here's another concept ...let's fly over the area...touch down for a pre-arranged photo op with two black survivors..stay away from the downtown trouble spots and then leave without walking amongst the people. Ghandi walked amongst the sick, the poor, the forgotten, Christ and Mother Theresa did the same thing, so did every other great caring leader.

Not George W...he stayed out of the target area and instead walked amongst the troops/national guard...congratulating them. Just as he has avoided Cindy Sheehan and instead walks amongst the troops, shaking their hands and telling them what a great job they are doing with the war in Iraq. Who does that remind you of, all the infamous military leaders who did the same; Hitler, Stalin,and Attila the Hun.

No apologies, no humbling for the bumbling of federal assistance. America the beautiful has suddenly become America the ugly. The mask is off and the true underbelly of America is now under the microscope for all to see. God has truly spoken to George W. and it's not a message in the ear whispered by Mommy in the church pew to "run again-it's what God wants", it's more like I HAVE COME TO SPEAK TO YOU GEORGE W ABOUT THE WAY YOU AND YOUR BOYS AND GIRLS HAVE BEEN ACTING!

Buddha says: "Palaces built of earth and stone and wood, wealthy men endowed with food and dress and finery, legions of retainers who throng round the mighty-these are like castles in the air, like rainbows in the sky, and how deluded those who think of this as truth."

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