Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Try meditating. You can do it anywhere.From the April, 2000 Issue of Fortune Small Business FSBBy Beth Kwon

Leave it to our manic, overachieving society to produce a new meditation culture, where we have to squeeze relaxation into hyperactive schedules. It's not about religion anymore either. Americans are spending money to go for nirvana -- either at the gym, where a 45-minute yoga session gets sandwiched between Absolute Abs and Super Spinning, or at a deluxe retreat, like the Coolfont spa in West Virginia (www.coolfont.com), which offers Reiki and private meditation.

Hospitals that long eschewed alternative therapies are taking meditation seriously too -- like Boston's Mind/Body Medical Institute at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which is associated with Harvard (617-632-9530; www.bidmc.harvard.edu/). "The scientific base for mind/body medicine has been established," says Dr. Herbert Benson, the institute's founder. Read: Insurance now covers it! (It's mostly case by case, so check with your plan to make sure.)
But you don't have to check in to a clinic to meditate. You don't have to leave home, for that matter. An Internet search yields kitchen yoga tips (punch up www.selfcare.com). Sautè those onions, and do the "counter dog" pose -- simultaneously. Or -"receive your self-realization" at www.sahajayoga.org through a Shockwave Flash presentation. Just say "om."

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