Sunday, February 11, 2007

Obama & Oprah- What a Ticket!

Obama & Oprah what a ticket--Entertainment Tonight would love it!

As an American living in a Canadian body, I have a slightly different perspective on the issues surrounding the election of a President in 2008, especially the election of Obama. I think he is the great "Black" hope America is looking for. Particularly the majority of Blacks who represent the 30 million US citizens who make a minimal wage of $5.15 an hour, America's working poor.

The "system" has and always will be controlled by white elitists who only recognize the achievement of blacks through sports and entertainment. White basketball and football owners are pre-disposed to dump millions of dollars on black pro athletes for the entertainment of wealthy whites who can afford seasons tickets. Oprah has been "playing white" since her show was launched. Look at her audience...primarily white middle class. Oprah loves Obama, not because he will save America, but because he is an attractive, charismatic man whom she can identify with that has the look and feel of a celebrity.

America has and always will be totally pre-occupied with celebrities as heroes. If you lose the Super Bowl by one point nobody calls the next day and asks you to be on their late night TV show. This pre-occupation with winning is resulting in the innocent death of young soldiers and civilians alike in Iraq. George W. Bush, the troubled young son of a demanding father and controlling Mother, is possessed with "winning" the war in Iraq even if he takes another 22,000 troops into certain death. "I'll show Dad I can win at something". This is not the rhetoric of a rational human being , this is a "madman'. It is always said you generally hate the people who remind you most of yourself...hence Curious George and his father's hatred of Saddam Hussein.

There is a major crises in America, that goes beyond Barack Obama as the "hope". Democrats and Republicans are cut from the same cloth. Wall Street owns the White House and the way the American system is set up, you have Hillary raising $15 million dollars to buy votes, so she can have the same corporate sector, the Republicans have been beholding to if and when she gets elected. Over 98% of the money raised in the U.S. for political campaigns comes from the corporate sector. This is insane. We have a system in Canada that does not permit a politician to raise more than $1,000 for her or his campaign. We have a fundamental three party system, but with plenty of room for independants. We have a free and democratic society that allows for the free will of the people to speak with their votes.

I have studied and lived in the U.S. and I can tell you that the prevailing attitude of Americans I knew was that America has the most democratic and free society in the world. The envy of the free world. Not any more, the U.S., with homeland security, fear, paranoia , illegal wars and occupation of countries, corrupt corporate leaders ,and a "liar" in the White House, no longer is the envy of the free world, and in fact in many countries it has become the most hated. Electing a black Kennedy is not going to solve anything. And even Kennedy with all his charisma, that Americans so cherish, had his own connections with the Mafia, and sinister corporate magnets.

Until America shifts away from a culture that associates money with power and power with success, you will continue to elect public officials who honestly believe that most Americans are "stupid". "They need us...that without our governance and protection, the U.S. would be invaded by everybody from aliens to Celine Dion."The American Dream has become it's worst nightmare. Wake up, or just like global warming , it will be too late to do anything except build an arc and pray for Gore. If I had a vote that's where I'd put my X.

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