Saturday, February 23, 2008

Zentrepreneurism Now in Paperback


The world of service coupled with entrepreneurial success has been building for the past thirty years. Only now has it begun to explode with great strides and creativity. We seek a life where our families, businesses, and our efforts merge into a single harmonious whole-and where we measure our success in more ways than just the balance of our bank accounts.

This book can bring back the values in our lives that often get lost in the quest for success. One does not have to be a Buddhist to benefit, as the success stories within will testify to, but should simply be open to trying a powerful, compassionate, new way of doing things in the business world.

Instead of the greedy, short-sighted business mentality of the past, we can move into areas that will improve the lives of many others beyond, but still including, ourselves. With the ever-increasing value of service on the rise, one can actually achieve larger success in many cases, than if generosity and service were not creatively employed.

What people are saying;

“ We have a situation where we don’t trust our government or our capitalist system. The level of distrust right now is probably unparalleled since the 1930’s”- Charles Lewis, Founder, Centre for Public Integrity.

"People are expecting more from the companies they're working for, more from the companies they're doing business with, and more from the companies they're buying from”, - Sydney Finkelstein, professor of strategy and leadership, Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business

“Allan Holender has looked unflinchingly at the dark and
self-destructive aspects of our business culture that most commentators
ignore or deny. Zentrepeneurism, the profound but practical
philosophy that he dramatically outlines in this book builds upon
capitalism's most powerful assets while infusing it with a higher
purpose. It is more than a new business model. It is an inspiring new
value system for business leaders, a guidepost for the 21st Century.”-Robert L. FitzPatrick, Business analyst and author of the book, False

"Allan Holender reveals the valueless and destructive tendencies of
contemporary business while remaining passionately and optimistically
committed to the possibility of a better future."-Joel Bakan, author The Corporation


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