Friday, March 07, 2008


Good news for all Zenners and Zenners in waiting. Zentrepreneurism, the new groundbreaking book that is rocking the business world is now available in paperback at

"I love your book, thanks for sending me a copy.

"I'm delighted to be called a"zenner" and have been for quite a few years now. My company "weapons of mass entertainment" has many entrepeneurial ventures in the works all of which will impact the planet in a positive way. I'm pleased to announce that after working hand in hand with Greenpeace we are now going into business together and in fact they are moving into my offices to share our space and business ideas together."

I hope the book launch goes well and that many of you get the same buzz I got when reading it. Life is too short to mess around doing other stuff...start zenning today

David A. Stewart
Weapons Of Mass Entertainment

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