Tuesday, October 21, 2008



From corrupt to conscious capitalism. Building upon capitalism’s most powerful assets while infusing it with a higher purpose.

The first Economic $olution Summit to look at how we got here, the real economics, the remedies and a new mission for mankind.

Join a distinguished faculty of futurists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, business leaders, economic and relationship advisors, as we explore the causes, impacts and solutions to the current global financial crisis.

The Summit takes place at the Galiano Island Oceanside Inn and Spa (www.galianoinn.com) Nov. 13-16th.

The goal of the Summit is to provide ideas and practices to ease your anxieties and fears during this troubling and traumatic time. You will receive real and practical tools to serve you in your business and personal life, and the renewed energy and heart to move ahead with your dreams.

“We have a situation where we don’t trust our government or our capitalist system and the level of distrust right now is probably unparalleled since the 1930’s.”- Charles Lewis Founder, Centre for Public Integrity

Because of limited space, the Summit is open to only twenty couples. To reserve today call toll free 1-877-530-3939

This special Summit is being presented by The Zentrepreneurism Centre (www.zentrepreneurism.com) and The Good Life Radio Show & Network (www.goodlifenetworks.com )

“Changing the Way the World does Business”

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