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Vancouver B.C. June 10, 2009 A gathering of like minded entrepreneurs, visionaries, futurists, and corporate leaders committed to changing the way the world does business will take place in Vancouver, Canada on Sept. 12, 2009.

Two weeks before the special visit of the Dalai Lama who is on a mission to bring world peace through personal peace and compassion,The Zentrepreneurship Centre, founded by local author and visionary Allan Holender, will stage an all-day event , called "World ZenBiz Day"!

The Norman Rothstein Theater will be the venue. According to Holender, who wrote his "new thought" book "Zentrepreneurism", three years ago as a guide for the the 21st century of business; "It's time to change the way the world does business from one of selfishness, greed, and corruption, to one of selflessness, purpose, and profits with integrity."

Since the financial meltdown in 2009, the world has become a different place to do business in, we have indeed been humbled. " We were at the lowest level of trust since the 1930s' before the meltdown, and now we are even lower in our faith and trust of government and companies. Bailouts and spending more money to get more will not heal our economy or our world, but compassion and respect will."

The event scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.pacific time will feature presentations from Zentrepreneurs who are "leading from the front". Conference organizer, David R. Smith, himself a Zentrepreneur, who has a consulting practise in Toronto, say's; "Zentrepreneurs are the world's visionary leaders and mentors for the next decade, they are breaking ground for a new paradigm in business thinking. But more importantly they are bringing us hope and promise not just for now but for future generations." He follows a zen-like approach to his own business by acting with right understanding, right intent, right speech, right action, right livelihood, and right mindfulness.

"Social entrepreneurship", Holender says, can best be described as doing good by being good. "This new paradigm is replacing the old business philosopy of if I do good, what's the payoff. Social entrepreneurship is really about applying practical, innovative and sustainable approaches that benefit society in general. The companies that succeed on this path will be on the cutting edge."

Just as the CEO (Chief Embezzlement Officer is being replaced by the Chief Enlightenment Officer), bottom-line thinking is being replaced by "blended bottom-line thinking". How will what I do in business and life impact my employeees, my company, my community, and my planet. This new frontier of social entrepreneurship is now entering the hallowed classrooms of some of the finest academic institution business schools,and is becoming part of the MBA program of studies at many world class Universities.

"Speakers are still being selected", according to Smith, "We are witnessing a radical shift towards a more enlightened form of capitalism, which bodes well for the healing of our ecomony, our planet, and the people inhabiting our planet. We are very clear about who we want speaking at the event. We do not want motivational speakers., instead we want inspirational speakers with the right intention. When you motivate, you serve yourself, however when you inspire, you serve others".

Presentations will include:

How to Zen Your Business; Infusing your corporate culture with trust, compassion and purpose. Transparency in relationships to shareholders, employees, and the general public. Transparency is the hallmark of an enterprise that has integrity. Firms that present truthful information operate openly, and stand behind their word make their risks more manageable. ‘People are expecting more from the companies they’re doing business with and more from the companies they’re buying from’.

Becoming a Zenlightened Leader: Directors who fail to direct and managers who fail to lead are at the root of what ails the corporate world today. A recent survey of thirteen thousand workers in all major industries shows that fewer than two out of five employees trust their senior leaders.Unless a company can resolve the crisis of confidence among its employees, it has little hope of restoring the trust and confidence of investors and customers.

Creating Zenployees in the Workplace:How do you inspire your workforce? The conditions are not favourable: pension funds are underwater, stock options have disappeared, and health benefits are diminishing. This presentation will focus on overcoming low morale and guiding workers to a significant and productive career. Once workers feel like valuable team members, they start to view their own personal success as part and parcel with the company's success. "The fusion of one’s personal vision with one’s professional mission will hallmark the next hundred years", writes Holender in his book.This presentation will provide you with ideas on how you inspire your employees to become “zenployees”enabling them to feel a sense of passion and purpose in the work they do.

The Age of Enlightened Capitalism: For decades, environmentalists have been warning us that human economic activity is exceeding the planet’s limits. Of course we keep pushing those limits back with clever new technologies; yet living systems are undeniably in decline. This presentation features a blueprint for a new economy, explaining how the world is on the verge of a new industrial revolution--one that promises to transform our fundamental notions about commerce and its role in shaping our future.

The event will be live streamed around the world, and will be watched by millions as they gather for "watch parties" in living rooms, offices, board rooms, open air pavilions, theatres, coffee houses, villages, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Tickets for the all day live event in Vancouver are $10 each and available now at Proceeds will be used to host future events. If you would like to participate in volunteering, provide goods and services, or explore sponsorship opportunities, contact David R. Smith at

Direct all media enquires to David R. Smith at

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