Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Here are links to social investing:

Calvert Social Investment Foundation

Calvert Foundation offers a professionally managed investment note that individuals and institutions utilize to finance local community programs. Activities fund affordable housing, micro-credit and non-profit social enterprises across the country and around the world - creating jobs, building homes and changing lives through your investments.

Green Money Journal
A bimonthly newsletter (24 pages) featuring socially and environmentally responsible investing (SRI) business and consumer resources. The web site- contains all the articles in the newsletter plus much more. Links to other socially and environmentally responsible companies and organizations are included.

Investors' Circle
A non-profit national network of angel and institutional investors, foundation officers and entrepreneurs who seek to balance financial, social and environmental returns. IC is dedicated to catalyzing the flow of capital to private companies that deliver commercial solutions to social and environmental problems. Each year IC sponsors venture fairs and a national conference, in addition to circulating deal flow to its members. Since 1992, Investors' Circle has facilitated the investment of over $80 million in 120 socially responsible companies and small venture funds. Behind each of these investments is the belief that business -- not government or philanthropy -- must lead the transition to a sustainable economy.

Social Investment Forum
A national nonprofit membership association dedicated to promoting the concept and practice of socially and environmentally responsible investing. Comprised of more than 600 financial professionals and institutions, including financial professionals, institutions, researchers, foundations, community development organizations and public educators. Membership is open to any organization or practitioner who wishes to participate in the socially responsible investing field. Member benefits include networking opportunities, information, advocacy and benefits.

Trillium Asset Management
For over twenty years, Trillium Asset Management Corporation has been a leader in socially responsible investing. We are an employee-owned firm, guided by a belief that investing can return a solid competitive profit to the investor while also promoting social and economic justice. Our professional staff, in four offices across the country, carries on a mission begun in 1982: To help our clients meet their financial goals and have a positive impact on society through socially responsible investing. Trillium Asset Management manages investment portfolios for a broad array of individuals and institutions, including high net worth families, foundations, churches, endowments, and the entertainment industry. We manage equity, balanced and fixed income accounts with a client-driven, highly personalized management style.

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