Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Press release from: Novethic
Oct. 19, 2005
Major Investors Driving SRI in France

73% of all investors surveyed that have assets in excess of one billion euros have already made a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

(CSRwire) France’s major institutional investors invest a growing share of their assets on the basis of a socially responsible approach. This trend is gaining strength. 73% of all investors surveyed that have assets in excess of one billion have already made an SRI investment, compared with 35% for other investors.

The major investors intend to increase their SRI investments: three-fourths of those that have already invested on the basis of SRI criteria say they will continue to do so, and 46% say they plan to invest more than 5% of their total assets on the basis of extra-financial criteria within three years. Nearly half of them feel that this approach should eventually apply to all their investments.

Currently pending, the FRR’s request for proposal (600 million euros) is being followed with interest by those surveyed. In fact, 60% think that they will gain valuable insight from the FRR’s program. A majority of institutional investors consider that SRI meets their needs in terms of ethical values as well as their financial performance goals. Through SRI, institutional investors are looking for a way to invest their reserves in a way that is consistent with the values of their institution and their responsibility as investors.

Some 40% of those who practice SRI consider that it offers a better way of taking financial risks into account over the long term. In addition, the survey reveals a strong rise in satisfaction with the financial returns offered by assets invested on the basis of SRI criteria: 52% say they are satisfied, versus 17% in 2004. 70% of investors expect performance levels that equal or surpass those of conventional funds.

Investors that have yet to make SRI-based decisions remain somewhat skeptical of the approach, which they consider to be too “marketing” oriented. In addition, they feel they lack sufficient visibility, particularly in terms of performance. Reputation of asset managers When they choose an asset manager, institutional investors are particularly attentive to the quality of the SRI management process (the top criterion for 69%). While DEXIA AM, I.DE.A.M and MACIF Gestion top the list of the most well-known SRI specialists this year, AXA IM, BNP Paribas AM, Groupama AM, IXIS AM and Sarasin Expertise are tied for fourth place. These close rankings reflect the strong commitment that several players have made in recent months to SRI.

About Novethic: A subsidiary of Caisse des dépôts et consignations, Novethic is a leading center for resources, information and expertise pertaining to SRI and corporate social and environmental responsibility. Its web site ( is a comprehensive resource for responsible economic actors. About Amadeis; Amadeis is an independent investment consulting firm. In addition to working with institutional investors and asset managers, Amadeis conducts analysis and research extending to all aspects of asset management.

About BNP Paribas AM BNP Paribas Asset Management; one of Europe’s leading asset managers, got an early lead in the field of socially responsible and sustainable investment. Leveraging the expertise of a dedicated team and its independent approach, BNP Paribas AM helps institutional clients understand the importance of extra-financial criteria, and offers a full range of products aligned with the underlying principles of socially responsible and sustainable investment.

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