Saturday, November 08, 2008

Has Obama Changed Your Belief In America?

Has Obama Changed Your Belief In America?

It's now been three days since Grant Park. It's been three days since America elected it's first African American President. It's been three days since every black man and woman all over the world wept with joy to see a black man inherit in their mind the most powerful position in the free world. It's been three days since white and black, young and old celebrated in the streets.

Now that the euphoria is over, what has changed with you personally. If you are an American you can probably answer this question better than I can. I am a Canadian by birth, but as many of you know I graduated from The University of Montana, married an American, and my children have dual ciitizenship. But I live in Canada.

Many people have asked me why it took so long. Rather than me answer that question along with a number of other questions, I am going to let those of you who are American respond to this discussion forum. So here are the questions in no particular order:
Why did it take so long to elect an African American President?

  • If you voted for Obama did you choose him because he is black or because you were sick and tired of the George Bush era?

  • How different do you feel emotionally today than you did on Tuesday night?

  • Given that half the population favoured McCain in the popular vote, how many of them do you think will believe in Obamas message of hope and will rally around his supporters to build a better America?

  • How long does Obama have to deliver on all of his promises before people lose faith or hope?

  • Do you believe Obama is a politician or a statesman?

  • How different will the Obama Democratic administration be from Carter or Clinton?
  • In his speech in Grant Park he told the people it might take one term to get things on course, Do you believe he was saying that to lower people's expectations or was he cleverly positioning himself for re-election in 2012?
  • What things are you planning to do to contribute to his call for unity of all Americans?
  • If you were his advisor what would you tell him his priorities should be?
  • How will the election of Obama change the way business has been conducted in America; wall street, ponzi schemes, unethical behaviour of CEO's of some of the most respected companies?
  • And finally, if there was no Obama what would happen to America?

These questions are to stimulate discussion, I don't expect anyone to anwer all of them, just jump in on any you choose. As zentrepreneurs you have more than a passing interest in you and your families future in America, and you view things from an "awakened", passionate, purposeful and yet realistic perspective. I value and respect your input and responses.

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