Friday, November 21, 2008

Who Can You Believe?

Politics is an interesting "beast", it is not a model to be used in our educational system to teach children about integrity.

According to the U.S. Centre for Public Integrity we are at the lowest level of trust of government and the corporate sector since the 1930's.

So who do we believe. Was Hillary telling the truth when she said Obama was not qualified for the job of President. Was he lying when he said Hillary was not the change America was looking for. Or did they both lie? What did Obama really mean when he said "change you can believe in". When I ran for school board in my hometown, an old political war horse gave me this sage advice. He said; "Allan if you want to get elected you need to tell people what they want to hear". Is that lying or simply not telling the truth.

Nobody at any of the political rallies stood up and asked the candidates, including Hillary and Obama- "So what part of what you just told us is a lie". Even if the truth hurts, wouldn't you rather know what you are dealing with and can believe in.

I know that everyone is hungry for a solution, for change, to cleanse our souls from the Bush era. But America is looking for a "lifeline" right now, and sometimes when you are so desperate for hope and salvation you ratioanlize your decisions.

Political rallies have often been compared to a religious experience. I do believe many people had that experience in Grant Park. That euphoria has now been replaced by both fear and optimism. An interesting combination, as is the human reaction to fear, which is one of anger.

The financial hurricane we are in the midst of has also created the "perfect karmic storm" for America to look at how it has been conducting it's business, running it's government , electing it's politicians, and justifying "small fibs" that become "giant lies" to justify winning and succeeding at all cost. Be grateful it was just money lost and not lives.

The universe has created a golden opportunity. The world is watching to see if America has indeed changed. Americans have been viewed by the rest of the world as addicted to celebrities, money and power. Will we learn the lessons of the past or will history repeat itself. So far the jury is still out.

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