Thursday, November 06, 2008


Dear Fellow Zentrepreneur,

Last night America made history by electing the first African American President.. The battle cry throughout the campaign was "Yes We Can". It has given hope to Americans and the global community that change is possible.

It is for that reason that we started the World Wide Association of Zentrepreneurs. "While an entrepreneur creates a business, a zentrepreneur creates a business and a life"!

The intent ot the WWAZ is "To Change The Way The World does Business". Our goal is to spread the message of Zentrepreneurism- creating purpose, passion and profits with integrity!

Today is the "perfect" day for you to begin that journey with us!

"This is a passionate, profound stop
thinking about business and life as it should be and to start experiencing it as it could be"

I am inviting you to join the World Wide Association of Zentrepreneurs, a Groupsite that was created utilizing the CollectiveX platform for groups.

This Groupsite will enable us to share, network and coordinate our efforts. All information provided through this platform is maintained for the use of World Wide Association of Zentrepreneurs members.

Please click the link below so you may quickly and easily participate in the World Wide Association of Zentrepreneurs. Membership is free. Signup is simple and takes less than a minute. Help us reach our goal of 1,000 members by January 1, 2009

Thank you,

Allan Holender

Accept the invitation from Allan Holender

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